We have lots of puzzles in our classes and we even have a dinosaur one in Room 1. I love dinosaurs and my favourite kind is a big terrifying T-rex. (T.K., aged 6)

Sometimes we have Discovery Time and I can pick what job I want to do. I can go outside and skip or play with the swing ball. (Kingston, aged 6)

I like the teachers and teacher aides. Everyone is friendly. I have fun with all the sports we do. When I first came I didn't know much Maori but now I do. (Brooklyn, aged 10)

Whau Valley has special qualities like nice teachers and wonderful friends. I have fun. In Kapa haka I like learning to be leader. (Jason, aged 9)

The things that make our school so special are our Chromebooks and cool teachers and all the trips and the pool. (Devron, aged 10)

The Teachers a wonderful . They joke around and they are really funny. We sometimes do some boring things but mostly we do really fun things. The best part is that we have digital classes that have Chromebooks, I pads and ipods. (Maiya, aged 9)

There are fun teachers in all of the school. We have friends that are caring. (Charlie, aged 10)

We learn to be kind to each other.We keep our school clean and tidy. The teachers are kind to us and help us. (Jak Jak, aged 7)

Everyone is nice and helpful.I like that we do a lot of art and I like discovery time and doing things I haven't done before. (Shania, aged 7)

Our school is a great place to be. We learn lots of fun things and go on amazing trips. (Chloe, aged 10)

I like being at Whau Valley School, because we have our own pool. (Kowhai, aged 9)

Our school is special because we have lots of Whau trees that our school is named after. (Ty, aged 8)

We support and respect our school by keeping it clean. (Cedric, aged 8)

Our school is great because the teachers help us to learn fun things. (Taya, aged 8)

We do sports and lots of fitness to make us healthy and help us to learn. (Santana, aged 8)

I like our swimming pool and going swimming. I like being kind because the teachers are kind to me. (Kardashian, aged 7)

We help each other and we help the teachers because we care. (Karla, aged 7)

The things that our school so special is our Chromebooks, cool teachers, all the trips and the pool. Devron (10 years old)

Whau Valley has special qualities like nice teachers and wonderful friends. I have fun. In Kapa haka I like learning to be a leader. Jason (9 years old)

I like to make our school safe. I like learning about what I haven't learned before. My friends are special to me. The Principal makes us do fun things. I like the poi. Hali-Jay (8 years old)

I really like the Breakfast Club. My friends are cool. Treyduron (8 years old)

I like assembly. I like school because my friends are here at the park. Hazel (7 years old)

I like doing kapa haka and playing at the park with my mates. Manachi (7 years old)

I like playing touch rugby with my friends. The laptops are good as well. Max (8 years old)

Breakfast Club is fun and yummy! Swimming is summer is cool! La-Tyce (8 years old)